Friday, July 18, 2014

And So It Begins......

Strauna, Stella, and Yerba
Three of our favorite sheep welcoming you to HeartFelt Farm.

Long before my family actually moved onto the farm, I had walked the fields, mapping out where I wanted the fruit trees to be planted, and falling more and more in love with the land; I thought I had never seen a more beautiful piece of earth. Every time I looked upon the gently rolling ground, the lush green fields, the spectacular sunsets, and the massive spanse of night sky that displayed incredibly brilliant stars, I felt we were blessed.  

While anxiously awaiting the completion of our home, we spent many hours at the farm cutting planks and building paddocks for the horses, run-ins for the llamas, and planting a fabulous assortment of trees.  

Originally, I had planted the trees for my family alone.  We love fruit, and I wanted a guarantee that no chemicals were ever used in their growing or harvesting. 

That next summer we moved in.  And, so did more trees,  assorted berry bushes, and strawberry plants.   

"The rest", as they say, "is history"

I have lived in and traveled to many countries, and frequently bring the flair of different cultures and cuisines to my business.  I make a lovely buttery Scottish Shortbread, authentic Italian Panetone and Biscotti, and delicious German Apfelkuchen that trumps all. 

I have dabbled in desserts and pastries of all sorts.  During time spent living in Sardinia, Italy, I was able to provide specialty cakes for every occasion for the U.S. military families stationed there. While in Spain, I felt honored to be able to fill a void for many Americans there with Christmas cookies, gingerbread houses, Easter breads, and other homemade treats througout the year.

For decades, family and friends have been savoring the contents of baskets filled with wonderful
baked goods fresh from my kitchen.  Through experience, I have learned that a gift basket well created, makes a lasting "heartfelt" impression for the person receiving it.   

A Felted Heart 
With all our farm-fresh jams, jellies, pickles, butters, and chutneys, only the very best produce are used.  Naturally grown and harvested in Kentucky's Bluegrass Region, where summers are known for warm days and cool nights, the fruit we use is juicy and bursting with flavor.

All the animals at our farm are pets; sheep included.  We have a small flock of  Shetland, Tunis, and Icelandic.  We spin their fiber and use the yarn for knitting and weaving.

We also use their fiber for felting; hence the name of the business.  HeartFelt gifts stems from making felted hearts and giving them as Christmas ornaments to friends.  



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