Sunday, August 17, 2014

Enough Work to Keep me Busy!

Some picked pears
It was a gorgeous August weekend with low temperatures, partly cloudy skies, and a gentle breeze.  We were busy trying to complete many of the last big jobs on the farm before our fall routine and the severe weather patterns got factored in.  Finally some painting got done….on the fences, run-ins, and US! Seems no matter how hard we try, that black fence paint finds a way to splatter, drip, and blow its way toward us all! 

I handed out paint brushes and small containers filled with paint to everyone, then we set forth to divide and conquer!  Some did the fence planks; one did the run-in roof. To paint the run-in roof, means someone actually has to climb on to the run-in roof.  I must admit I always feel a bit happier when that job is done and the roof hasn’t caved in (Building the run-in was a project several few summers ago)!
Some painting completed... more construction necessary.

We rotated paddocks today, too. We are trying to give the most popular fields a rest and a chance to recover before the first frost hits.  In our region of Kentucky, that is usually around late September. First freeze is usually mid-October.  While this seems far away, it’s not really. So, the horses moved to a field that I haven’t opened at all during this summer.  If you know anything about horses, then you know that when anything changes for them, it involves a lot of commotion, even more whinnying, and nothing is ever is complete without a run around the fields with tail held high at least once or twice. Today was no different.
picking pears

We split them up in pairs of two and sent them to different fields.  We were certain this would be a nice change of pace for a few weeks.  Sure enough, the commotion began!  Some of the older horses just seemed to watch the younger ones running and kicking; however, everyone whinnied!!

Back up a few minutes…….We have fruit trees planted in our yard, but at the edge of the paddocks.  Some trees I’ve planted for the horse; I wanted them to be able to reach up and pluck an apple with their teeth if they wanted one.  This year, because of the late freeze, we have minimal crops on many of the trees.  The peach are not even in existence; however, they are not near the paddock.  The apples are sparse, but I do have pears. 
Sweet Pea in a run-in with pears in foreground

Well, today when the horses had moved fields, I wanted to pick a few apples to share.  I couldn’t reach them and went to go fetch the ladder.  As I was walking past a few of the pear trees, I reached up to see how ripe one of the pears was. It felt ready to pick! I took a few to the horses and just when I thought the work on the farm was done for another day.......I went back to begin the process of harvesting the pears! How delicious they are though...Makes it all worth it!

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