Thursday, September 25, 2014

HeartFelt Beginning

Purple Felted Heart

Long before I was ever officially “HeartFelt”, I was giving felted hearts (that I made from sheep’s wool, which I purchased!) attached to the gifts I made to give at holidays and other special times for friends and family. I loved working with the wool and could definitely tell the difference between certain fleeces.

When I finally “adopted” my own flock of sheep and herd of llamas, I continued the tradition, but happily, the wool I used was from my own farm.

The inside of the HeartFelt tags.

Several years ago when I was trying to come up with a name for my small sideline business, my youngest daughter suggested HeartFelt because of the felted hearts that I made.  And it has remained a tradition that I include one of my felted hearts with every order that I fill.

Farm fresh strawberry jam
is absolutely wonderful!

When I first began, my focus had been on food gift baskets because of the jams and jellies that we made on the farm each spring through fall. Consequently, I set my website up using that jam/jelly color palette. Ahhh, there is nothing quite like homemade jams/jellies.  I have some family members who ask for a “case” of my assorted jams each year for Christmas!
Tray of "brown and white" assorted cookies.
Yes, that's what they ordered.

Recently, my focus has turned away from the gift basket idea of food, which was always a bit more difficult to have everything “fresh at the same time” for shipping.

We have baked so many pies, both large and mini!
Our farm's apples are usually wonderful for this!

 And now, I focus primarily on wool and woolen products. And by wool, I mean llama fiber, too.

Felted llama fiber pair of pillows

My website is    click here for website       It is already under "reconstruction", so don't judge too harshly while I am working on it.....thanks!

They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words. So, it’s pretty important to make those 1,000 words be the right ones. It’s like choosing the right outfit---ha!---haven’t thought of that for a long time. But, it’s true…you want to send the right message; convey the right mood. How do you decide what your website is supposed to look like, knowing that a complete stranger may look at it for a fleeting moment and will decide if your product is “good enough”---STRESS!!
Scottish Thistle Shortbread

I’ll be leaving the colors of the current website behind and will be choosing colors similar to the blog; at least, that’s my plan!
Celtic Knot Shortbread

In the meantime, I am continuing to receive food orders.  I don’t know who is happier with that: me; the customer; or, the recipient!?  I love knowing that my customer chose my creation to give as a gift. But, I also know that they are giving a quality product that they should feel pleased and confident to give. And, of course, the recipient is receiving something that is both delicious and beautiful at the same time.
Twice dipped Strawberries

                                          And, that my friend, is what HeartFelt is all about! 


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