Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wordless Wednesday (Wild Winter Week!)

Northern sky was fierce!

Driveway looking pretty bleak!

Thought they wanted to eat hay outside the Run-in.
That only lasted for about 5 minutes.
Storm calmed for a short while.

He decided to stay out for a few minutes longer to show he was tough!
The others were sharing inside and he chose to stay out with me.
So I left some for him.
Don't worry, after a few nibbles, he ran back inside, too!
Mate (Sheep) having a little something to eat.
The round bales we put in the paddock as a snack.
I feed flakes of square bale hay to them morning and evening.
Pond was doing okay.

Can't go anywhere or do anything without Imax following me.
The fact that the snow is on his back shows how insulated he is.
Otherwise it would have been melted, like on the horses.

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