Monday, October 13, 2014

Certified, "Kentucky Proud"!

A Felted Wreath from Wool
shorn from my sheep and llamas.
~created on my farm~

Last Friday, HeartFelt Baskets & Gifts received its certification from Kentucky Department of Agriculture to be considered Kentucky Proud! This isn’t a complicated or difficult process, but it was exciting to receive nevertheless.

Felted Wool bag
(shorn, felted, and sewn)
~created on my farm~

I had filled electronically earlier this summer, but something must have gone haywire and they didn’t have the application. 
Hand Spun Yarn from Voyager,
one of the male llamas
~created on my farm~

When I hadn’t heard back from them, I decided to send another electronically and follow up with a hardcopy application.  
Wet Felted Eyeglass Cases
~created on my farm~

That did the trick and just a few weeks later I was thrilled to find the approved packet in my mailbox.

Hand Spun Yarn from Serendipity,
one of our female llamas
~created on my farm~

All the items that HeartFelt Baskets & Gifts sells are grown, harvested, processed, and created  right here on the farm.

Strawberry Jam
My brother loves to say, "It's the best in the world!"
~created on my farm~

Simple ornaments created from braided wheat
~created on my farm~

This won’t be a long blog, but wanted to make this status public.  Help spread the word.

Felted Hearts
Shorn Wool and dyed
~created on my farm~

Going Green in the Bluegrass!   
I will display the Kentucky Proud logo!

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