Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wordless Wednesday Weaving

The note card holds the pattern for Bob's (my uncle) baby shawl.
This was done just weeks before he was born! (He's my age)
The photo of the card is taken on
simple weave dish towels that I'd done years ago

I know I usually do Wordless Wednesday; however, when I share the back-story, you will appreciate why I found the need to include my “preamble”.
So many interesting things I was given to go through!
This photo is taken on a simple weave buffet runner that I'd done in 2007.

Late last summer I had a visit from my Mother’s cousin (my second cousin). I hadn’t seen him for almost 45 years-because of living locations, not family feuds!  J  

Gorgeous fine linen cloth. 

Anyhow, he brought with him some of his mother’s (my great-aunt as well as my namesake) weaving and textile items. 
Just beautiful
The threads -refers to how the loom is threaded
The treadle- refers to the way the harnesses move;
Thus, creating various patterns.
Oh, I would have loved to have "played" on the loom with her!

It may not have seemed very exciting to others looking on (a metal card file box with index cards); however, he may never know the treasure I see it as! The cards all held patterns or samples of the completed patterns.
Before doing a large piece, it helps to see how the yarn/strings work together, how colors blend, or how it just "feels". Small sample pieces help the weaver decide BEFORE doing a large piece!
This was a card pattern my great-aunt had done for my great-grandmother!
I feel connected to a group of wonderful and creative women!!

Black and White, so dramatic!

For several weeks now, I have been scrutinizing the files carefully and am planning to make one of her patterns in the near future.

Fall Festive!
Love it!

Very fascinating!
The reed hook is what is used to thread the loom.
Totally cool that she was given this for attending a workshop 54 years ago!

I hope you've enjoyed seeing these old patterns as much as I have. 

Threads were so delicate.
So different from my wool runner that the pattern card is resting on.

Another day we will explore weaving in more detail and I'll share some more things I've created. 

My aunt used to make her own "fabric" and then makes clothing from that.
Example: skirts, coats, suit jackets, etc......incredible!!
Wish I could melt the years and have spent more time with her.

                                    I am still in the learning stages, so don't judge!  (smiles)

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